About Us

About us

Our company was basic on the passion and habits of various fencing martial arts, and by the HEMA came China, our company founded in 2012 as the first polymer combat session and re-enaction equipments company in China mainland, and started our vendition and products development. By the development of Chinese HEMA, EMA and re-enaction, our company as a participant career joined in combat sessions, and kept develop better our products from the reality experience we got in combat sessions. Basic on Chinese market, our company is trying to reduce the dangerous and threshold in this sport. In the future, our company will focus on offer and develop better practice instruments and protection armour.
In recent years, our company kept develop new materials basic on nylon polymer materials and try to use less damage materials. Now we are offering the our new material ‘Unbroken’ and ‘Ice’ practice instruments, in armours industry, our company are offering stainless steel and titanium armours, recently our company official offer professional leather work.

Company history
2012 Company started develop polymer shields and practice swords
2013 Company began work on stainless steel Lamellar armours, by the orders became more and more, company had more and more products models.
2014 More and more customers would like to made their armours individually, so our company began offer customers draw and etching services. At the same years, company started use new materials to produce instruments and named it ‘Unbroken model’. 
For suit axes and long weapons combat training, company used soft material to produce long weapon.
2015 company started to accept leather works, offer practice steel weapon, used new material named ‘Ice’.
2016 Titanium armours started offer, company began test air plunger spears for training.